• TRIA - New Plant

    TRIA - New Plant

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  • Expansion joints / Seismic

    Expansion joints / Seismic

    TRIA launches a range of innovative products for firewall filling of expansion joints...

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  • Transport


    Tria is the company of Passive Fire Protection in the transport sector...

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  • EDP head office

    EDP head office

    EDP new head office with passive fire protection system installed by TRIA...

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  • Tunnel CRIL

    Tunnel CRIL

    Fire protection solution of concrete structure elements...

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  • House of Music / Casa da Música

    House of Music / Casa da Música

    Sealing of technical ducts installed by TRIA...

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Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection

Doors, Glass Panels and Automatic Fire Resistant Curtains; Fire Protection of Metal Structures/ Mixed/Concrete/Wood/Sealing/Fire Resistant Ceilings and Partitions/Smoke Extraction Ducts and Ventilation/ Natural Smoke Extraction.

Thermoresistant Products  (PT)

Thermoresistant Products (PT)

Glues, Paints, Mastic, Seals, Covers, Ventilators; Thermostat; Electrical Wiring, Ventilation Grids; Solutions for Hot Air Distribution; Cleaning and Maintenance Products and Equipment; Ventilation and Air Renovation - VMC.


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